The Zebra Wall

I am reading a book called The Zebra Wall by Kevin Henkes. In the book there is a girl named Adine. She has four younger sisters named Bernice, Carla, Dot, and Effie. Their mom is having another baby and it’s name is going to start with an F. They all expected a girl because they have five girls already, but it’s a boy! They are trying to decide what it’s name should be. Should it still start with an F?

Adine’s Aunt Irene comes to help out with the baby and Adine hates her Aunt Irene. Aunt Irene was only supposed to stay for 3 weeks but it has been 3 months and she’s still there. Adine thinks Irene is really annoying. Irene reminds me of my Aunt Sue 😛 .

Adine and her sisters drew pictures of Aunt Irene and her cat, Deedee. They also wrote mean stuff about them. Adine puts the drawings in her sock drawer, but the next morning they’re gone! I am excited to see what happens next.

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By baileyw22

4 comments on “The Zebra Wall

  1. This sounds like a interesting book. I might read it after I finish the Lightning Thief series. I like books like The Zebra Wall but they are not my favorite kinds of books.

    • Well, in the end of the book they decide that his name will start with a Z. Instead of doing a wall with a lot of stuff that starts with Z, like they did with the other kids, they want to do something different. So they paint the wall with zebra stripes.

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